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Travel agency "BeTravel"

Travel agency "BeTravel" is a young travel agency. Our agency specializes on internal group and individual tourism, independently develops and realizes rounds on rest and trips in Georgia. We are a dynamic and try to approach each client individually. If you want to visit Georgia, you can rely on us.

Travel agency "BeTravel" offers:
  • Meeting the tourists at the railway station, airport, transfers;
  • Transportation service
  • Accommodation in the hotels and private houses;
  • Meals in the national restaurants both in the capital and different regions of the country;
  • Excursions are conducted in English, Russian and Georgian
  • Wine tasting in the unique ancient cellars
  • Cultural-cognitive and specialized single/multi-day tours for groups and individual tourists;
  • Rest on the Black Sea coast

Come to Georgia - you will spend a wonderful time here!!!





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