Hotel Borjomis kheoba


Hotel Borjomis kheoba

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The Hotel "Borjomis Kheoba" offers comfortable rooms, conference hall, outdoor swimming pool, Borjomi mineral water spas and medical services. The Medical Center "Borjomis Kheoba" on the 1st floor provides you with an opportunity to consult doctors and determine which therapeutic water procedures might best suit your medical needs. The Medical Center offers:

  • Borjomi mineral water and sulphur water spas
  • Underwater mechanical massage
  • Underwater automatic massage
  • Pearl procedures with Borjomi mineral water
  • Fitness Club

The comfortable rooms that are located on the 2nd and 3rd floors include bathroom facilities, satellite TV, mini-bar, telephone (internal network), 24 hour hot water and electricity, Wi-Fi Internet.

On the 4th floor you can also find a fully equipped conference room, a bar and a restaurant, where you can enjoy a wide variety of meals and beverages. The restaurant offers an individual menu that can be changed according to the customer's desires.

Currency converter
GEO 1 GEL = 1 lari
USD 1 USD = 3.0758 lari
EUR 1 EUR = 3.6356 lari
RUS 100 RUB = 4.1811 lari
UAH 10 UAH = 1.1127 lari
GBP 1 GBP = 4.0262 lari
AZN 1 AZN = 1.8093 lari
AMD 1000 AMD = 6.3313 lari
KZT 100 KZT = 0.7329 lari
TRY 1 TRY = 0.4242 lari


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