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Tusheti Tusheti Tusheti Tusheti Tusheti

Map of Georgia

Tusheti protected territories are located in the extreme north-eastern part of the Georgia, on the borderline with the Russian Federation. It consists of three categories of preserved territory - a state sanctuary, a National park and a protected landscape.

From endemic species widely spread in Tusheti, there are: Tusheti aconite, barberries, bluebell (Campanula), Georgian nuts, starling (Pancratium), Tusheti rosehip (Rosa tuschetica), black or Raddle birch (Betula raddena), arum (Fritillaria caucasica), primrose (Primula juliae), et al.

Tusheti is distinguished with specifics and unique character of historical and architectural monuments, folk handicrafts, traditions and ethnic culture, agriculture (especially livestock).





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