Imereti | Имерети | იმერეთი
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GBP 1 GBP = 4.7114 lari
AZN 1 AZN = 2.0116 lari
AMD 1000 AMD = 6.5211 lari
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Ubisi - within the distance of 160 km to the West from Tbilisi is located Ubisi Monastery Complex. It consists of the church of St. George, 4-level tower with column, residue of the fence and lean-to of XVI century.

Cathedral and tower are constructed with pumice stone, they are plainly ornamented and walls have some construction inscriptions. The main attractions of Ubisi are XVI century mural paintings performed by Damiane. These paintings represent mixture of Georgian and Byzantine style of painting.





Caves of Imereti


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