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GEO 1 GEL = 1 lari
USD 1 USD = 2.8286 lari
EUR 1 EUR = 2.7618 lari
RUS 100 RUB = 4.8336 lari
UAH 10 UAH = 0.7659 lari
GBP 1 GBP = 3.1298 lari
AZN 1 AZN = 1.6685 lari
AMD 1000 AMD = 6.8473 lari
KZT 100 KZT = 0.5875 lari
TRY 1 TRY = 0.1537 lari






Alaverdi is a main construction of the medieval monastery complex. Alaverdi church built in XI c. was dedicated to St. George and it is a wonderful pattern of Architecture. The complex is surrounded with fence and it includes: a palace, a satrapezo (dining hall), marani (wine-cell) and other constructions. The monastery was established in VI c. by Assyrian father – Ioseb Alaverdeli on this site, that had been the pagan worship spot before.












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