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David-Gareja - one of the greatest cave-monastery complexes of the world is situated in 60-70 km distance from Tbilisi and it is stretched on 25 km area. The ancient monastery - David's Lavra was established in VI c. by Assyrian father – David Garejeli. Two other monasteries (or so called branches) – Dodos Rka and Natlismtsemeli were founded in the same period; but three other monasteries: Udabno, Chichkhituri and Bertubani were established later. They all belong to the complex of David-Gareja. The monastery life, ecclesiastical and creative life had been continuing during the medieval centuries. There are a lot of cave-cells, churches, chapels, satrapezo (dining halls) in the monastery complex. The walls of many of them have preserved the ancient specimens of fresco-paintings. The whole David-Gareja monastery has the significant place in Georgian cultural history.












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