Hotel Sunset Kvariati | Гостиница Сансет Квариати


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Hotel "Sunset Kvariati"

   Hotel description Hotel Sunset Kvariati

"Sunset Kvariati" is a prestigious hotel-type residential complex on the coast of Black Sea in Adjara Region. Kvariati is one of the most desired vacation destinations in the region; only 7 minutes away from Batumi, the center of Adjara. It offers wonderful beach and clear water surrounded by mountains.

Hotel "Sunset Kvariati" itself is located on the beach, just 50 meters from the sea. Elegant modern design building distinguished by its classy architecture and beautiful seaside views, consists of 8 stores with 86 apartments. The perfect location makes it possible to have beautiful views of sea and great mountains at the same time. Each room has a balcony and gives an opportunity to watch the wonderful landscapes of sunrise and sunset. The building is equipped with two elevators; one of them is panoramic which is letting visitors enjoy outstanding sights of Adjara.

Rooms in "Sunset Kvariati" are accomplished with super quality maintenance made by high quality European materials.

The "Sunset Kvariati" promises unforgettable summer to its guests. It is a guarantee of your maximum comfort and perfect vacation.


Room types and prices

Standard Single
      Children under 5 are free of charge
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Each room is equipped with all the necessary amenities
Air conditioning
Modern Furniture
Cable TV
Hair Dryer

Facilities of "Sunset Kvariati"
Balcony - Sun terrace
Private beach area
Bar, restaurant
Conference room
Free Internet (Wi-Fi) is available in lobby
24-hour front desk
Room service


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