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Nokalakevi was a political center of Colchis (Egrisi) in Antique and early Christian times, the capital of the Kingdom of Lazika (IV-VIII cc.). lt is located on the left bank of riverTekhuri, 17 km from the town of Senaki to the North-East. According to the history tradition, the fortress town was first built by Egrisi Eristavi (Duke) Kuji (IV-II cc. BC). The old name of the township - Tsikhegoji (Fortress of Kuji) - is related to him. The Greek sources of later times call this township Archeopolis (in Georgian - Nokalakevi or Old Town, or 'remnants of town'). Nokalakevi is surrounded by a fence having 3 km length. Its area is a territory of 19 ha and consists of 3 parts: Lower Town, middle fortress and citadel.





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