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Museums of Kakheti

Dedoplistskaro Local Museum

Address:10, Tskhra Dzmis str, Dedoplistskaro
Working hours:Everyday, except Monday, 10.00 - 17.00
Date of establishment:1975


The museum houses archaeological materials discovered in Dedoplistskaro area (from VI-I c.c. B.C. up to late feudal times): ceramics and bronze items: seals, adornments, ceramic items for medicine purpose, bronze pincers, religious sculptures, masks, Scythian arrowheads; also - numismatic collection (VI c. Sassanian silver and gold coins, Georgian, Russian, German coins), ethnographic collection (Kizik region kilims, saddle-bags, rugs, Kajar gold-thread embroidery, everyday life objects), collection of XX c. Georgian paintings (R. Sturua, A. Popiashvili, J. Gvimradze, R.Tordia etc).












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