Museums of Samegrelo and Zemo-Svaneti| Архитектурно-археологический музей-заповедник Пармена Закарая в Нокалакеви | სამეგრელოს და ზემო-სვანეთის მუზეუმები
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Museums of Samegrelo
and Zemo Svaneti

Parmen Zakaraia Nokalakevi
Architectural-Archaeological Museum-Reserve

Address:Village Nokalakevi, Senaki District
Phone:(+995 590) 880 117
Working hours:Everyday, except Monday, 10.00 - 17.00
Date of establishment:1988


The complex with no analogues in the Caucasus- Late Antique/Early Medieval citadel, remains of palaces of the Kings of Egrisi, (IV-VI cc), royal and public bathhouses, potable water reservoirs (IV-VI cc), a secret tunnel under the river, ruins of several churches dated back by IV-VI cc., the domed church of the 40 Saint Martyrs adorned with XVI-XVIII cc wall painting. The local museum offers an exhibition covering vast period of time from XIII-XII cc BC till XVIII c. AD with many unique findings.












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