State Silk Museum | Государственный музей шелка | აბრეშუმის სახელმწიფო მუზეუმი
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Museums of Tbilisi

State Silk Museum

Address:6, Giorgi Tsabadze st.
Phone:(+995 32) 340 967, 340 963, 347 850
Working hours:Everyday except Monday, 11.00 - 17.00
Date of establishment:1887


The State Silk Museum is one of the oldest museums in Georgia as well as one of the oldest silk museums in the world. Originally it was a part of the sericulture station, founded in Tbilisi in 1887. Nikolay Shavrov, member of the Moscow Agricultural Imperial Society, led the centre.

Nowadays the collections of the museum includes all kinds of exhibits connected with the silk production: collection of mulberry and its products; collections of silkworms, butterflies, cocoons (5.000 breeds and variations); collection of natural and synthetic dyes with samples; collections of models for domestic and industrial silk production; collections of silk products etc.; photo archive; especially interesting is that the museum collections represent all countries with traditions of silk production. Most of the collections of the museum are collected by N. Shavrov and donated by European, Russian and Caucasian colleagues.












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