Mirza Phatali Akhundov Museum of Azerbaijan Culture | Музей азербайджанской культуры имени Мирзы Фатали Ахундова | თბილისის მუზეუმები
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Museums of Tbilisi

Mirza Phatali Akhundov Museum of Azerbaijan Culture

Address:17, Gorgasali str.
Phone:272 15 71
Working hours:Everyday except Saturday and Sunday, 11.00-18.00
Date of establishment:2006


The museum houses memorial belongings of several public figures of Azerbaijani originof public persons and writers: Mirza Phatali Akhundov, Nariman Narimanov, Mamed Kuli Zade; also there are stored photo documents reflected cultural relationship of Georgia and Azerbaijan, books, documents, editions of scientific works and belles-lettres in Azerbaijani language, etc.












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