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Gergeti Sameba (Trinity)


Gergeti Sameba (Trinity) is located in Stepantsminda region, on the right bank of river Chkheri (right inflow of river Terek). By its fusion with the landscape and attractive composition, cathedral is the outstanding specimen of the Georgian religious architecture. It is placed on the summit of a high mountain in a way that can be easily read from river Terek gorge. Gergeti Sameba is the most important house of worship for the residents of the gorge province and the only dome church in the mountain areas of eastern Georgia. Cathedral was built of andesite rectangular square cut stone. Facades of the two-floor belfry of the cathedral and a neck of the dome are ornamented.

The Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia, Ilia II, has introduced a Gergeti Sameba celebration on July 16 every year. There is also a big celebration of the Assumption of Virgin Mary here (August 28).





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