National Parks of Georgia | Национальный парк Мтирала
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National Parks

Mtirala National Park


Mtirala National Park is situated in western Lesser Caucasus and covers 15,698 hectares. Located between Black Sea and Adjara Mountain Range Mt. Mtirala is one of the most humid areas in Georgia with average precipitation of 1,200 - 2,000 mm (sometimes exceeding 4 000 mm). Rich with chestnut and beech woods Mtirala was established to preserve Colchic type of forests outstanding with its sub-forests: cherry laurel shrubs, Colcic box trees and variety of lianas. Mtirala is home oto Roe deer, Wild boar and Brown bear. Booted eagle, Eagle owl and Golden oriole could be found from avifauna in the park. Mtirala's amphibian world is really diversified. Caucasian salamander, Caucasian toad, Eurasian mash frog and Caucasian viper inhabit the park.








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