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Cave Towns


Uplistsikhe is the only monument of Antique time in Georgia which nowadays remained above the surface of the ground. Town has streets, squares, water drainage ducts,
various constructions, four gates, secret tunnel
leading to river Mtkvari, a fence, et al.
Today the fortified town is an outdoors museum.


David-Gareja - one of the greatest cave-monastery complexes of the world is situated in 60-70 km distance from Tbilisi and it is stretched on 25 km area.
The ancient monastery - David's Lavra was established
in VI c. by Assyrian father - David Garejeli.


Vardzia Cave Monastery
Vardzia Cave Monastery is situated on Mtkvary River's left bank in historical part of Javakheti. It has played a great role in political and cultural life. The fortress was built
in the reign of King George III and was finally constructed during the years of Queen Tamar's ruling.






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