Racha | Рача | რაჭა
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GEO 1 GEL = 1 lari
USD 1 USD = 3.4232 lari
EUR 1 EUR = 4.0798 lari
RUS 100 RUB = 4.4334 lari
UAH 10 UAH = 1.2255 lari
GBP 1 GBP = 4.7114 lari
AZN 1 AZN = 2.0116 lari
AMD 1000 AMD = 6.5211 lari
KZT 100 KZT = 0.7896 lari
TRY 1 TRY = 0.4195 lari






Nikortsminda is a dome cathedral in Racha, 16 km from Ambrolauri, in the hamlet of Nikortsminda. Cathedral of St. Nicholas of the Racha Eparchy (XI-XIX cc.) according to the donator inscription on the western gate was built by the first king of unified Georgia, Bagrat III.

Three-story bell tower of Nikortsminda was built in the second half of XIX century. Cathedral has the form of a short-sleeved right-angled cross, five apses. Interior has preserved frescos of XVII century. The jacket of the church is decorated with well-processed stone.





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